Process/Checklist – Sellers

Checklist – Sellers

  • ProcessChecklistConfirm settlement date and time through your real estate agent and/or Metropolitan Title. If any seller will not attend settlement, please contact Metropolitan Title as soon as possible to arrange for preparation an approved power of attorney. Please be aware that any existing power of attorney document will need to be reviewed prior to settlement. We are able to arrange for the preparation of a Power of Attorney on your behalf, if necessary.
  • Transfer utilities out of your name as of the settlement date (or other date agreed upon between the parties.) Be aware that utilities cannot be turned off prior to the final walk-through inspection, and unless agreed otherwise, are the seller’s responsibility.
  • Complete all home inspection items and repairs in accordance with the sales contract and any addenda. Bring all supporting receipts to settlement.
  • Bring to settlement an unexpired photo identification, your forwarding address, and social security number. Garage door openers and any remaining keys can either be brought to settlement or left at the property.
  • Obtain wiring instructions from your bank and bring them to settlement if you prefer to have your proceeds wired. This is most easily accomplished with a voided check. Please be aware that while Metropolitan Title does not charge wire-to-wire proceeds, some financial institutions do charge an incoming wire fee which will be subtracted from your proceeds. Seller’s funds will be disbursed as soon as possible per the jurisdictional regulations (usually within 48 hours of settlement).
  • Cancel homeowners’ insurance policy after settlement.